Downhole flow diversion technology

Ridge - Well Engineering Company

At the founding core, Ridge is a well engineering company.

At a glance Ridge might seem like your typical run-of-the-mill consultancy firm, but Ridge ventures beyond, offering something more to their clients through different services. Ridge’s main objective is to support the oil & gas industry, assisting customers in reaching their goals through the highest quality advisory and engineering support.

Founded in 2011, as Subsurface AS, Ridge´s main offices are located in Stavanger, Norway. Ridge is registered in Achilles JQS (Achilles ID 29115)

Ridge focuses on building alliances with other companies who excel at what they do to provide the best value to the end-client. In January 2017 Centraflow entered into an collaboration agreement with Ridge to act as their preferred provider of well-related CFD consultancy services. 

Learn more about Ridge and their services on their website


Since 1986, EDRMedeso has provided the market with leading tools for product simulation and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

As a complete partner, EDRMedeso also offer support, training and consulting services for these tools. The goal is to enable customers to always get out the most of their software – this will lead to better products and buildings.

EDRMedeso vision is “Perfect Engineering”, words that describe both the new opportunities that arise thanks to the tools and the knowledge we offer, but also the speed and efficiency which can be obtained with the correct mix of the above.
EDRMedeso presently has eight offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Among our customers are some of Europe’s leading companies in industry, engineering and construction, as well as consultants and specialists at smaller engineering organizations.

EDRMedeso is the provider of ANSYS simulation software, that Centaflow uses for it’s internal and external CFD modelling simulations.