Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

What is Computational Fluid Dynamics?

CFD is a numerical simulation method based on physics and mathematical equations that allows to model and simulate liquid, gas and particle motion. CFD analysis provides detailed information on all fluid processes such as velocity, pressure, temperature, turbulence, multiphase mixtures and fluid-structure interactions. 

The simulations will give a virtual result based on the numerical methods and the implemented physics. The results can be extremely accurate, as long as the correct input data is used. 

Why use CFD?

CFD allows a fast and cost effective means to trial various scenarios prior to carrying out real tests, thus leading to significant cost savings traditionally associated with physical prototypes.

CFD modelling allows for the discovery of new solutions that were not initially apparent, thus leading to optimised designs. 

Centraflow has developed niche expertise applying CFD to downhole Well Engineering scenarios. We use ANSYS simulation software which deploys one of the most powerful CFD codes on the market.