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Centraflow achieves excellent results during testing of the CE-BOND at Xrig

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On September 11th, the Centraflow team successfully performed a series of tests in a test well located at Xrig (Ålgård, Norway).  The main objective of the test was to assess the CE-BONDs robustness when exposed to a harsh openhole environment. The test results concluded the following:
  • Very slight wear on the Kevlar surface of the CE-BOND was observed when run over a total length of 800 m of a highly abrasive granite rock. This indicates the CE-BOND is robust enough to withstand the rigours of running it in openhole sections of a well.
  • CE-BOND does not impact torque and drag during the operation.
  • Pressure drop across the CE-BOND is very small and is in-line with computer modelling

The tests were supervised by Centraflow's R&D team lead, Craig Usher, while Nader Behjat (Centraflow CEO) was present as an observer. Also present were advisors from Repsol Foundation and representatives  from Repsol Norge. We would like to thank Xrig for performing all the tests safely and on time. Also a big thank you to ToolServ and Downhole Products for kindly providing the Centralizers and the Pilot Guide Shoe used in the tests.

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