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CE-BOND obtains excellent results during restriction testing

On November 20th, the Centraflow team successfully performed physical testing on the CE-BOND at RED Engineering in Hexam, UK. The testing involved running CE-BOND units through a restriction to simulate an obstruction in the wellbore, in order to determine if CE-BOND would get stuck or pass through the restriction.
The restriction testing was focused on two sizes of CE-BOND:

9-5/8” (used in 12-1/4” openhole with a restriction of 12”)
5-1/2” (used in 8-1/2” openhole with a restriction of 8-1/4”) 

The results from the physical testing can be summarized as follows:
  • Minimal force was required to pass the 9-5/8” CE-BOND through the restriction. Minimal damage was seen on this with very minor scratches to the paint. 
  • Between 2,000 lbs and 3,300 lbs of force was required to push the 5-1/2” CE-BOND through the restriction. Minimal damage was witnessed with only the paint being removed to expose the Kevlar. 
  • Both CE-BOND designs performed as expected in terms of flexibility which allowed deformation to occur (elastic) to pass through restrictions. 
  • It was confirmed that both sizes of CE-BOND can be run through any restriction which a solid body centraliser could also run through. 
The tests were supervised by Centraflow’s R&D team lead, Craig Usher.
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