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Scaled Flow Loop Cement Testing - April 2017

The team in Aberdeen have completed physical cement testing of CE-BOND in our 1/3rd scale flow loop with great results.

The flow loop represents 12-1/4" hole (perspex) with 9-5/8" casing (PVC pipe). This setup had a standoff of 51% in both cases with pump rates and cuttings volume matched throughout the testing regime. 

The test clearly showed that with CE-Bond, the low-side of the well had excellent cement displacement which generated an optimal bond between the Perspex and PVC. 

In comparison, the run without CE-Bond was unable to clear all of the cuttings (as proved in our previous flow loop testing), and was therefore unable to get a good cement coverage. This led to multiple channels on the low-side caused by a combination of cuttings beds and poor low-side fluid velocities (poor displacement). 

Centraflow are very happy with this test as it has clearly shown the capability of CE-Bond in high deviation and horizontal wells. 

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