Improving well integrity

Addressing the root cause of Sustained Casing Pressure


What we deliver

Centraflow has developed a novel casing accessory which circumferentially enhances primary cement bond quality in deviated and horizontal wells.
Our patent-pending technology is based on the simple concept of redirecting downhole fluid flow by positioning self-orientating flow diverter elements in the annular space between the casing and the wellbore.

The CE-BOND tools

The CE-BOND tool is installed on casing and improves well integrity by eliminating `high-side channelling´ effects during cementing operations.

This creates an effective circumferential cement bond, eliminating the root cause of sustained casing pressure (SCP).

Centraflow utilises state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling techniques to verify conceptual designs and optimise detailed product design. 

This in-house CFD expertise is focussed on hole cleaning and Non-Newtonian fluid displacement, which differentiates us from traditional downhole tool manufacturers.

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Mini Flow Loop Testing of CE-BOND

CE-BOND is particularly effective in the following applications:

Achieving zonal isolation between production and/or water zones.
Isolating the previous casing shoe to eliminate Sustained Casing Pressure.
Preventing out-of-zone injection on Injector wells.
Production casing/liners set across long, highly deviated or horizontal hole sections.
Wells with shallow reservoirs.
Wells in which the intermediate casing string has to function as a well barrier due to gas lift.
Multi-lateral (MLT) wells, where the casing above the MLT junction needs to be effectively cemented.
Preventing hydrocarbons from entering the water table (eliminating pollution of water wells).

News & Announcements

Centraflow is a Norwegian oil and gas company formed in 2015 developing new innovative and unique downhole products that reduce customers life-cycle well costs. 
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